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Improvements to the !Emergency! App

!Emergency! was made as a simple iPhone app to dial the emergency services of whichever country you’re in. Wherever you are in the world, the app will use your GPS signal to locate you and then dial the appropriate number for that country.

Our iPhone app still does this just as effectively as ever, but now does even more. Now you can see the location of your nearest embassy, should you need travel advice or anything similar.

!Emergency! iPhone app can find your nearest embassy

You can also find the location of your nearest hospital or clinic. This could be particularly useful if your situation is less of an immediate emergency, or, even worse, if there are no ambulances available and you need to make your own way to medical treatment.

!Emergency! iPhone app can find your nearest hospital

!Emergency! is still the same great app, but now does even more: wherever you are, find your nearest embassy, hospital or clinic; and if you need to, dial the emergency services.


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