!Emergency! is a simple app to use, specifically designed that way.  The last thing you want to when trying to deal with an emergency is to fumble through a whole set of screens and dialog boxes.

When you start up the app, it immediately tries to determine which country you are in.  How successful it is simply depends on the strength of the carrier connection you have (if you have a first generation iPhone),  or the strength of the GPS signal (for second generation iPhones onward).

finding location

The app will then pop up confirmation to ask if it got the correct country.  If you hit ‘Yes’, it will look up the country and find it’s emergency numbers.  If there is only one number for all types of emergencies, (such as 911 in the US and some other countries), the app will simply pop up an alert confirming that you want to dial the number.  If you hit ‘Ok’, the app will dial the number for you.  After the call, depending on the version of the OS that is on your iPhone, you will either end up back in the !Emergency! app, or in the iPhone’s phone app.

location found

make call

If for some reason it comes up with an incorrect country, (you may be on the border of two countries, and it isn’t sure exactly where you are), you can hit ‘No’ to the country confirmation.  That will put you at the main screen, where you can then hit the ‘Select From List’ button.  From there, scroll through the list of countries until you find the one you want, tap the row with the country name, and it will either present you with a confirmation to dial if there is only one number, or a list of the numbers to choose from if there are separate numbers for Police, Medical and Fire.

country list

That is really the breadth of the app, for now.  There will be times when the app isn’t able to see a Carrier or Network connection when there really is one.  If you see an alert telling you this, just hit the ‘Determine Location’ button and try again.  If for some reason it didn’t get it the first time around, it will almost always get it the second.  If it doesn’t get it after the 2nd or 3rd try, then you may not actually have a connection.  You can check this by looking in the upper left corner of the task bar on the phone, where it gives you the signal strength in bars.