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We will endeavour to follow these up, and would love to improve our app through constructive criticism


2 responses to “Feedback

  1. Husain


    Is the nearest hospital/embassy shown when in any country? Say, in India?

    Also, is it only the US embassy that will show or can one customize it to show another country’s embassy?

    Thanks, Husain

  2. Mickey Mestel

    Yes, the nearest hospital will show when in any country. The request for hospitals is made based on your current location, wherever that is.

    When you first enter the embassy screen, (or by going into the settings, the right button in the navigation bar of that screen), you will be prompted to enter your nationality as it would appear in a the general term for the embassy. “American”, “British” or “Indian”, would be the search term for these embassies.

    Does that help?

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